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In this regard, the elimination of weaknesses and enhancement of my strengths is apparently the main priority of my leadership development plan.

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At the same time, I am fully aware that, in the course of my professional and leadership development, I will change my goals and priorities respective to changes of my needs. At the moment, I would focus on my leadership development in three years timeline.

In this regard, I would distinguish my major strengths and weaknesses, which I will try to enhance and eliminate respectively, including such strengths as communication skills, organizational skills, and flexibility of my leadership style, and such weaknesses as low charisma level, lack of experience of the team work, and difficulties in overcoming cultural barriers. First, I will focus on the development of my leadership skills and abilities through the expansion of theoretical knowledge in the field of leadership.

In this regard, I would focus on the development of my organizational and team work skills in particular along with detailed study of leadership skills and abilities. Second, in months, I will try to implement my theoretical developments in the real world environment. First implementations of my theoretical knowledge will help me to find out which areas need further improvements. The improvement of communication skills will involve the broader communication and elaboration of new communication styles.

The development of organizational skills will involve the elaboration of weekly and monthly plans that will schedule my workday for every day, week and month. The flexibility of my leadership style will be achieved through learning different leadership styles. In addition, I am going to try using different leadership styles in the course of my interaction with other people. The low charisma level is a serious challenge and this problem cannot be resolved in six month timeline.

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Nevertheless, I am going to learn cases of outstanding leaders and try following their models of behavior and key leadership strategies. The lack of experience of the team work is also quite challenging for me at the moment. A wide range of challenges will therefore be avoided because of the autonomous development and objective thinking. At first, wrong deductions that can impact adverse consequences will be avoided since every action and experience is firstly objectively analyzed before arriving at conclusions. Through the interactions with different people, there will be easy sharing of ideas that promote social appreciation.

Knowledge and skills learnt from these activities To ensure that certain personality traits are developed, some aspects of personal temperaments should be looked into in the process of preparing a log sheet. One of those aspects is communication. When handling issues that are related to communication, it is important to understand that this aspect requires great effort since this area of development is quite wide.

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This is an implication that before projecting a message to the outside world or someone else, the issue of importance requires one to understand them internally and know the level to which their communication skills vary from the others and 3. This is closely supported by the interpersonal intelligence element of communication.

Awareness of oneself will play a critical role in the process of ensuring that an individual is aware of the emotional, intellectual as well as the strengths and weaknesses of a person. The development of interpersonal skills as a way of enhancing improved communication will not only improve the way an individual handles the issues presented to him or her but also increase the efficiency of the projection of ideas and decisions that have to be delivered at one time or another. At a personal level, problem solving ability and intuitiveness in handling various issues also form a key element in development.

This means that someone in a position of leadership or a normal employee or even in the scenario of a family, on his or her daily activities and endeavors will have to go through a few things which are a bit abnormal or prove to be challenging in the process of accomplishing tasks as well as the assigned duties.

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Because of this, intuitiveness and swiftness in the process of creating solutions to problems is a skill that has proven to be critical in any kind of environment. For an individual to be able to tackle problems that he or she faces, there are a few skills and traits that should be harmoniously inculcated and cultivated towards the achievement of the common goal of managing to go through the hurdle.

One of such traits is patience, which allows one to use time and observatory skills while viewing the problems from all perspectives. In case it is a problem of conflict in the place of work or at a personal level, it will be important for the individual to be patient while not only listening to issues of concern by the different parties, but also analyzing the seemingly small but important details of the situation at hand.

Taking the role of a mediator is today the greatest way of leading a scenario of problem solving.

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Leadership comes in various ways regardless of the position in the workplace stratification in terms of the rank. Adjustments needed for improved activities in future Decision making is also an important aspect of development at personal and professional level. It also involves extensive consultation and enquiries from various stakeholders or people who may be affected by the decisions and its implications.

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  7. Therefore, there is need for hiring all round creative and critical appraisals of the matter, situation and conflict. Good communication skills, interpersonal intelligence, problem solving techniques and keen observing eyes and other personal traits have proven to be effective in all the situations of personal and professional development. Process and activities required for the implementation of the development plan In order for the development plan to be achieved, certain activities that constantly measure the periodical attainment against the original plans should be undertake.

    This can be accomplished by adopting certain strategies. The use of performance appraisal is essential in measuring the achieved development Sangster, , p. The method involves the close comparison of the resulting performance against the training programs. The method will help me in gauging my performance results against the initial development plan. If the performance gives a replication of the original development plan, it signifies success in the adopted mechanisms.

    This will make sure that the desired results are attained in certain durations of time.

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    Gap analysis will also be critical in the implementation of the development plan. This involves the measurement of the gap that exists between the required skills and the acquired skills with regards to 5. Training programs and other mechanisms will be conducted based on the existing gap.

    In the event of poor decision making skills, the skills training programs that will be adopted will mainly focus on decision making skills. Those existing expertise will not be considered for the training procedures. In the case of communication or customer care, training and continuous appraisal will be done to ensure effectiveness. Some of these desired skills and traits are more or less intrinsic, and result from an internal willingness and effort to accomplish them.

    This implies that the decision making, problem solving and the ability to always ensure a proper time management routine require the use of personal plan in order to be achieved. Therefore, it is more appropriate if it is cultivated through consistent practice and training. Methodology Methods for implementing personal development plan A wide range of methods were incorporated to ensure the attainment of the original development plan.

    In an attempt to ensure the achievement of professional skills in management, intern opportunities played a critical role apart from the training programs. Through the interns, I realized my areas of weakness and strengths that influenced my professional quest. The programs offered me the platform for enhancing my skills in various management positions.

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    Critical reflection on personal progress towards personal development plan goals Certain models of operations have become instrumental in assessing the progress made in the achievement of the initial development plans. The SWOT analysis played a crucial role. I have issues with relating to them on a level beyond a work relationship. It has been difficult in the past to keep those lines clear and maintain that position of authority without sacrificing getting to know them as an individual. This is an area that I will work to improve on.

    The text highlights a personal style of relationship-oriented. This refers to connecting with people rather than seeking out tasks Northouse Lack of self-confidence can be a result of not be as knowledgeable in certain areas. The feelings that others have more training or education that I have leads to feelings of anxiety which translates in displaying a level of lower esteem for myself.

    This preconceived notion that others are superior and I am sometimes inferior can be the reasoning behind my interpersonal. Read More. Words: - Pages: 9. Essay Personal And Leadership Development Plan This essay is focused on a period of my life between - that shaped my current management style and provides the basis for my personal and leadership development plans going forward. Words: - Pages: 6. Words: - Pages: 3. Essay about EA Brief V1 v01 1 Unit V1 - Personal leadership development as a strategic manager Introduction This unit is about understanding the strategic skills required to enable an organisation to achieve its ambitions.