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We show that our solution reduces the overall volume of data transfer, thus leading to significant energy savings and prolonged network lifetime.

Free Space Optical Wireless Communication with Physical Layer Network Coding

We present the mathematical analysis of our proposed algorithm. By simulation, we also study the trade-offs between overhearing and power consumption for the network coding scheme. In Chapter 5, we propose a methodology for the optimal placement of sensor nodes in linear network topologies e.

Both simple packet relay and network coding are considered for the routing of the collected data packets towards two sink nodes positioned at both ends of the bridge.

[PhD Thesis] Evolutionary Design of Deep Neural Networks

Our mathematical analysis, verified by simulation results, shows that the proposed methodology can lead to significant energy saving and prolong the lifetime of the underlying wireless sensor network. Chapter 6 is dedicated to the delay analysis.

PhD Thesis

We analytically calculate the gains in terms of packet delay obtained by the use of network coding in linear multi-hop wireless sensor network topologies. Moreover, we calculate the exact packet delay from the packet generation time to the time it is delivered to the sink nodes as a function of the location of the source sensor node within the linear network.

The derived packet delay distribution formulas have been verified by simulations and can provide a benchmark for the delay performance of linear sensor networks. In the Chapter 7, we propose an adaptive version of network coding based algorithm.

In the case of packet loss, nodes do not necessary retransmit messages as they are able to internally decide how to cope with the situation. The goal of this algorithm is to reduce the power consumption, and decrease delays whenever it can. In all these techniques, the main obstacle is the requirement for perfect synchronization between the service elements and the user equipments in order to exploit the benefits endowed by these techniques that require coordination.

In this thesis, we show that network coding is an effective tool to deal with uncertainty in wireless networks and alleviate the need for synchronization between network elements. We tackle the problem from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Firstly, we use the tools from queueing theory and analyze the decoding delay of a network containing a single source transmitting network coded packets via multiple routers to a receiver.

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Secondly, we develop a method for D2D assisted multicast service delivery to multiple equipments. Thirdly, we present two methods where network coding is used to mitigate the communication overhead between cooperating base stations.

network coding master thesis

Finally, we propose an efficient repair scheme by combining network coding with broadcasting capability of the base stations. In a nutshell, the mathematical methods, results, analysis and the techniques presented in this thesis provide key insights into the standardization of future wireless network standards and design of cache-enabled base stations; which are seen as key elements for offering improved capacity, data rates and reliability in future wireless networks.

AB - The current generation has undoubtedly been witnessing a revolution of wireless network technologies in recent decades. Stochastic Operations Research. Abstract The current generation has undoubtedly been witnessing a revolution of wireless network technologies in recent decades.

Fingerprint Network Coding.

Polynomial-Time Construction of Linear Network Coding

Wireless Networks. Storage Capacity. Potential Games. Stochastic Geometry.

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Asynchronous Algorithms. Estimation Theory.

Caching and Network Coding for Smart Radio Access — University of Twente Research Information

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