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Given the rapid growth of the Resume Writing Industry over the last 15 years; it is becoming trickier for Resume Writers, Career Consultants and Career Consulting Firms that offer Resume Writing Services to differentiate themselves and thus consciously or subconsciously the emergence of questionable conducts and ethics has emerged. For example, as previously discussed the Resume Writing Industry in Australia is not regulated and does not have a professional association by which Resume Writers can apply for membership, abide by industry standards, ethics and codes of conduct.

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Thus, let me make this very clear any Resume Writer whom states they belong to a National Association for Resume Writers is making false and misleading statements. Thus, if the Resume Writer or organisation was acting ethically they would advertise their affiliation by saying something like Member of the National Association for Resume Writers USA ; not trying to manipulate you by inferring a professional status level by association within Australia.

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Other misleading statements to look out for include but are not limited to the term: —. As I have previously written on many occasions, prospective Employers, HR and Recruiters want to know the facts of what you can do for them, they do not want superfluous or discriminatory information, or documents that portray an unprofessional image.

They simply want to know the facts about you, yes you need to pique their interest but the more bells and whistles you put into your Resume-CV the more they will focus on what you are trying to hide as a result of needing to add these items to your resume rather than focusing on what you can do with the presentation of a systematic and professional layout highlighting your relevant achievements, experiences, competencies and education to date.

Simply put do you click with the Resume Writer — do you feel comfortable with them?

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Has the service provider actively listened to you, asked you questions about your professional background and career goals, have they quickly and accurately assessed your personality type based on the information you have provided in order to effectively help you, have they provided guidance and insights in relation to your needs, wants and their services. Fundamentally, any Resume Writer worth their wait in gold will do all of the above and so much more.

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In short, it is essential that the service provider fundamentally understands your personality, position and seeks to provide you with authentic and educated guidance in order for you to achieve your career goals. This point may seem very basic in nature, but it is important that you clearly understand who you will be working with, the individuals background, experience and how they are engaged by the organisation are they a contractor or employee — there is a very big difference.

For there are now several large consultancies that will draw clients in after speaking with them and allocate a consultant to the case — sometimes the client is aware of this and other times not. That is, by transferring the preparation of the Resume-CV to a more junior consultant the organisation increases it profit margins by paying less to a more junior consultant rather than to the specialist or expert whom you believed would prepare your employment documentation.

So when you are searching for Resume Writing service provider, ask lots of questions about who you will be working with, their experience and educational background to date; ask if you will you be liaising with the same person you have been speaking to on the telephone at your initial point of enquiry , or will you be referred to one or more consultants over the course of your association; will the individual that conducted the initial intake session with you be the one that prepares types your Resume or CV or will this be given to a Junior Consultant or Administrative Assistant — are you happy for this to occur or would you prefer consistency.

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Finally, with respect to this point, it would also wise for you to quiz the organisation on what would happen if the contractor terminated their services from the organisation, who would manage your case or provide you with future guidance in the event that this person left. For if you engage the organisations services and established a strong rapport or professional relationship with a particular consultant and they leave do you want to repeat your story and go through the same process again or would you prefer to maintain a professional relationship with your consultant and transfer your business to their new practice rather than starting over again.

Since I wrote the blog and posted the link to her interview, I have had a huge increase in the number of requests for resumes. Naturally, I wrote a short email to Jade to […]. You turn up nice and early for your interview, groomed and dressed to perfection. Even Trinny and Susannah could not have helped you look […]. How many other resumes will a recruiter be reading for the job YOU want?

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It's a competitive market and you want to make sure your resume gets noticed. And that is where I come in. When I work with you, I have one goal - to get the recruiters attention! Email me today to find out how I can help. Through my online resume writing service, I'm proudly working with clients Australia-wide from Brisbane to Melbourne to Perth and everywhere in between!

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Kirsty Stewart Resume Writer. Get in touch Send me a message today and let me know how I can help. If you prefer a phone chat first, you are welcome to call me on Will this be the year you land the job of your dreams? Please Leave a Message As a Professional Resume Writer, I would love to help you with writing your resume and taking that next step in your career.

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What will your resume look like? Two small words that can change your job search In my last post I shared my gratitude to Jade Craven for her interview with me on my Resume Writing services.